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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Another Successful Bundled Road Bore Project

 Bumpers for Bundled Directional Drills

     Joint Specialists is the leader in the bundled directional drilling bumper market.  Having been supplying the market for seven years now; we can say that our system is proven superior to everything else out there in the marketplace. With dozens of projects and more than 70 miles of pipeline, the BBS system has been used to protect pipelines from pipe on pipe collision damage during the pull through - and leave space between the pipelines when they reach their final resting place.  The system is designed to last just as long as the pipeline itself (likely longer).  

Here are some photos from our most recent project:

Your typical bundled directional drill right of way!  Three pipelines ready to go.  We've seen this many times with our Road Bore Bumper System (BBS)

A well installed (after training of course) BBS Bumper Sleeve!  The pipe will be heading toward the right when it enters the hole.  

Another view one of the installed BBS bumpers.

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