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Friday, May 19, 2023

Bundled Pipe Bumpers: A Comprehensive Case Study

 Bundled Pipe Bumpers: A Comprehensive Case Study

Frequently, we receive calls from customers seeking assistance with challenging problems, and it is always gratifying to offer them simple and effective solutions. In this particular case study, a customer approached us with a bundled directional drilling project in Texas. Although the pipes had already been strung up, they were concerned about potential pipe collisions during the pull-through process. Complicating matters further, they were pulling four pipelines simultaneously, measuring 16", 16", 12", and 10" in diameter. The customer needed a swift and reliable solution. After multiple discussions, emails, and an in-person meeting, the customer was convinced that our BBS system was the answer. With the urgency of the situation in mind, we promptly coordinated with suppliers, mobilized additional labor, and commenced manufacturing to ensure the timely delivery of the required materials. Thus, the problem was successfully resolved.

Collaborative Efforts

Like any pipeline project, unexpected challenges emerged along the way. Fortunately, this project boasted an exceptional crew, consisting of a quality-focused contractor, a meticulous inspector scrutinizing every detail, an engaged end user, and a seasoned road bore team. Moreover, our company, Joint Specialists, contributed decades of experience in pipeline construction materials, further strengthening the collaborative approach.

Bundled Pipe Bumper Installation Process

The four pipes were aligned side by side, and markings were made to indicate the precise locations for bumper installation. Preheating the pipes to 140°F, we carefully placed the bumpers in their designated spots. Next, a two-part epoxy was mixed and applied to the warmed pipe surface. Finally, the heat shrink, which serves as the primary anchor for the bumpers, was carefully shrunk in place. Overall, each bumper installation required a mere 3-5 minutes. Once all the BBS systems were installed, the pipes were bundled and ready for the subsequent pulling operation.

Unforeseen Obstacles

However, during the initial 400-foot segment of the pull-through, the pipe-grabbing mechanism unexpectedly snapped. Although such incidents were rare, it presented a significant challenge. Consequently, the pipe bundle that had reached 400 feet underground needed to be extracted in the opposite direction, necessitating a complex maneuver using side booms. This unexpected turn of events provided an exceptional opportunity to test the resilience of our BBS system. Notably, the subsequent operations involved pulling the pipe back 400 feet, then pushing it 1,700 feet back through the hole. Furthermore, this situation offered a unique chance to inspect our system after its 400-foot round trip into the depths of the Earth. The question lingered: would our system prove as effective as we believed? The ensuing inspection would yield the answer.

Thorough Inspection and Evaluation

The inspectors and representatives from the end user's team shared our excitement about this rare opportunity to closely examine several dozen BBS systems. The inspection aimed to determine if any bumpers were missing, whether any had been left behind in the mud, and whether any collisions had occurred among the pipes. Despite the layers of mud obscuring the bumpers, the inspectors meticulously examined each BBS system. Running their fingers along each side of the bumper, they ensured its presence, stability, and functionality. Remarkably, we achieved a 100% success rate in this evaluation.


In conclusion, the BBS system demonstrated its efficacy without a doubt. Its reliable performance and ability to prevent pipe collisions were reaffirmed through this case study. We confidently invite anyone claiming to possess alternative solutions to provide documented photographic evidence supporting their claims. Based on our extensive experience and the results of this study, we firmly believe that no other system can rival the effectiveness and reliability of our BBS system.

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