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Monday, January 22, 2024

What is the difference between various Powercrete Coatings?

 How are Powercrete J, Powercrete R65/F1 and Powercrete R95 Different?

     Since its creation in the early 1990's, Powercrete products have seen a number of generations of products introduced to the marketplace.  The current batch of available products are significantly higher performing than the initial formulations that were introduced more than thirty years ago now.  I won't be discussing Powercrete-DD here; or Powercrete 410 (the newest factory applied ARO).  For the purposes of this article, I'm looking exclusively at the hand applied field joint coating options:  Powercrete J, Powercrete R65/F1 and Powercrete R95.  

     Looking at Powercrete on the whole, it is an epoxy coating that boasts many strengths.  Namely:

  • All Powercrete products show fantastic adhesion to both bare steel and fusion bond epoxy.
  • Powercrete products exhibit superior resistance to water immersion.
  • In addition, Powercrete products offer industry leading mechanical properties for impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Fast cure (Powercrete R65/F1) epoxy is available for quicker backfill.
  • Powercrete kits (Powercrete R150) can be used on lines operating at up to 300F.
  • Powercrete field joint coatings are the preferred method for coating field joints on pipelines utilizing Powercrete DD as an ARO. 

Brown Powercrete Kits
Powercrete J

Powercrete J Applications: Road Bores, Field Joint Coating, Bends, Fittings

     Powercrete J is the original stand alone Powercrete epoxy coating.  For many years, it has been seen in the industry as the #1 road bore epoxy coating for field joints on pipelines involved with road bores or directional drills.  Looking at some of the key technical data that shows how good Powercrete J is for the incredibly harsh conditions associated with a road bore:
  • Adhesion to steel is >3000 psi using ASTM 4541
  • Abrasion resistance tested with ASTMD4060 passes at 1210 cycles per mil
  • Shore D Hardness comes in at 85
  • CD is excellent 

Powercrete F1
Powercrete R65/F1 sometimes called Powercrete F1

Powercrete R65/F1 Applications: Road Bores, Field Joint Coating, Bends, Fittings

     Powercrete R65/F1 is the "Fast Cure" product in the Powercrete product line.  Available in 1#, 2# and 4# kits; this product is perfect for many different pipeline applications.  And don't let the "Fast Cure Powercrete" moniker fool you.  Powercrete R65/F1 still has excellent technical performance:
  • Excellent Cathodic Disbondment performance at elevated temperatures (70C)
  • Great impact resistance using ASTM G14
  • Adhesion to steel under ASTM D4541 comes in at 3200 psi.
  • Abrasion resistance comes in at 1000 cycles per mil using D4060.

Grey Powercrete
Powercrete R95

Powercrete R95 Applications: Road Bores, Field Joint Coating, Bends, Fittings

     Powercrete R95 is known as the "High Build" Powercrete material.  Able to apply in thickness as high as 40 mils in a single pass, Powercrete R95 can dramatically reduce labor costs associated with "building" multiple epoxy layers in order to achieve the desired thickness.  It does that ---- AND brings in a strong technical performance:

  • Adhesion to steel using ASTM D4541 comes in at 3500 cycles
  • Abrasion resistance comes in at 850 cycles/mil
  • Shore D hardness is 85
  • Cathodic disbondment is right there with the results from Powercrete J and Powercrete R65/F1.  
     All in all - three EXCELLENT corrosion prevention solutions available today.  Proven performance.  

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