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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Raychem / Covalence Epoxy

Covalence / Raychem S1301M Epoxy

     S1301M is an epoxy that was created as the primary corrosion coating to be used in tandem with a Covalence (formerly Raychem) heat shrink sleeve.  S1301M is regularly used with:  HTLP60, HTLP80 and DIRAX.  It has also been used at times with WPC100M and WPCT.  Like most epoxies, it improves the performance of what is now a 'coating system' incorporating the S1301M epoxy; the hot melt adhesive or mastic sealant of the sleeve, and the physical protection offered by the radiation cross linked polyolefin backing.  

S1301M Epoxy
The components in a typical S1301M Epoxy Kit

     This S1301M epoxy replaced a product that used to be called S1239.  S1239 epoxy did a similar job as the S1301M; but the S1239 was rated for use on pipelines operating at up to 60C and the S1301M is rated for use at 80C.  

     When you buy the S1301M epoxy; it comes in a small kit that contains enough epoxy to coat approximately 15 square feet of pipe (when the pipe is properly prepaired and pre-heated).  You will receive (all in the same bag):  

  • one cup containing the Part "A"
  • one cup containing the Part "B"
  • a small stick for stirring
  • an applicator pad
  • two latex gloves
     During installation this epoxy is applied in a very thin layer.  It does not need a coat that is 30-50 mils thick; instead the thickness is in microns.  This layer of the coating system cures very quickly as between the preheat in the pipe and the heat used to shrink the sleeve (shrink sleeves shrink at 267F); there is plenty of heat to accelerate the curing time of the S1301M.

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