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Friday, January 26, 2024

Everything to know about Powercrete R65/F1 50ml Cartridges



Powercrete R65 50ml 

   In the world of pipeline coatings, it is inevitable to come across areas in your coating that have been nicked, cut and damaged.  It is a very common need to make repairs on your pipe coatings for a variety of reasons.  Whether it was bumped by a piece of equipment or just your common epoxy pin holes, you will need to rehab this area.  That's where our Powercrete 50ml cartridges come into play.  These are a user-friendly way to make small repairs in your Powercrete coatings.  These are meant to repair every type of Powercrete products from Powercrete J, R65/F1, R95 to Powercrete DD.  The cartridge itself contains both Part A and Part B, in a perfect ratio for the perfect mix with the supplied static mixing tip.  It will slide into a supplied applicator gun and is then ready for use.  

Steps for using our Powercrete R65 50ml repair cartridges:

Step 1- Surface Prep

Clean the area of any dirt and particles.  Make sure to clean around the area at least 1 inch from where the damage occurred.  Remove any rust on the steel surface.  (you may use Acetone or other suitable solvents that do not leave any residue.  Clear any grease, oil and moisture from the area.  

Step 2 - Assemble The Cartridge

Slide the cartridge directly into the applicator gun.  You will notice that the cartridge is capped at the end.  Twist out the cap and push then turn the static mixing tip into place.  The cartridge is then ready for use.  The material will be mixed inside of the static mixing tip and dispense the material.  

Step 3- Application

Dispense the material over your damaged area.  Spread around with a spatula or your desired tool while the material is still wet.  Apply the material in an even thickness over the damage.  Then allow the material a small amount of time to cure.  (This is a fast cure product).  Repeat process on all damaged areas. 

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