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Monday, January 29, 2024

The Best and Simplest Way to Seal a Buried Flange

 How to Prevent Corrosion on a Buried Flange

Flange Seal
An installed Covalence Flangeseal

     So, you need to protect your flange (that is going to be buried eventually) from corrosion.  The Covalence (formerly Raychem) FlangeSeal is an excellent option for you.

    Flange Seal offers a high expansion, fiber reinforced backing and an extremely aggressive mastic sealant.  Shipped out with a strip of cardboard - which is wrapped around the Flange first - means that Flange doesn't get too messy and can be re-enterable one day if you need it.  Installed using a propane torch, it just doesn't get any easier than an FS Flangeseal installation.

     But there are three very important bits of information that you need before you can quote or order a Flangeseal.  

FIRST:  You must know the actual outside diameter of the flange you'll be installing on.  There are a number of flange manufacturers out there and many different types of flanges.  Simply knowing "300# 12 inch" just isn't enough to avoid a possible problem.  The Flangeseal must be large enough to wrap around that flange -- so prepare yourself -- you will be asked:  "What is the outside diameter of the FLANGE?".

SECOND:   You need to know the OD of the pipeline!  We need to be certain that the Raychem Flangeseal is able to shrink enough to properly wrap around the flange -- and shrink all the way down and seal to the pipeline.  

THIRD:  We will need to know if your specific parameters can be met with a 24" wide Flangeseal (FS) or if you need to look at using a 36" FS?  

     With those three bits  of information:

  1. Actual Outside Diameter of the Flange
  2. Outside diameter of the pipe
  3. Width of the FS required
You'll have that Flange protected in no time!

Have questions?  Reach out:  or   936/321-3333

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