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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

WPCT Mastic Shrink Sleeves

 #1 Mastic Shrink Sleeve:  WPCT

Raychem WPCT
Covalence WPCT (formerly Raychem) Shrink Sleeves

     Once upon a time, Raychem's WPCT was likely the most commonly applied field joint coating in the United States (and Gulf of Mexico).  Once upon a time, WPCT was the cutting edge technology in the field joint coating world.  The market share for WPCT has diminished over the years, but what continues on in the US is (literally) millions of WPCT shrink sleeves in the ground, continuing to offer corrosion protection to oil and gas pipelines that were built each and every single year from 2024, stretching back to the 1970's.  

     Do you know what I don't hear about those millions of WPCT currently protecting critical infrastructure throughout our country?  I don't hear about failures.  I don't hear about problems.  I don't hear about corrosion issues.  I don't hear about problems associated with shielding (please be careful when exposed to propaganda from competitors!).  WPCT's reputations is excellent and it is doing exactly what it was designed to do:  offering field joint corrosion prevention throughout the life of the pipeline.  

     So what is the magic ingredient?  There are two:
  1.   The aggressive butyl mastic sealant.  It sticks to everything.  It flows and it fills around the weld bead and around the factory applied coating stepdown. It's flow capabilities even help it to be "self-healing
  2.   The radiation crosslinked polyolefin backing.  It offers excellent physical protection to the mastic (the actual seal) and makes "applying" that mastic to the proper location, in the proper thickness -- a breeze.  
    What kind of lines are using WPCT?  Primarily smaller diameter pipelines (16" OD and lower)

    What is the temperature rating for WPCT?  Can be used on pipelines operating at up to 140F

    What different widths are available for WPCT Shrink Sleeves?  11.25", 17.75", 23.50" and 34.25" (also able to make any custom width up to 34" that you need).

    What is the pre-heat temperature for WPCT?  140-150F

    Should WPCT be used for ROAD BORE and Directional Drilling applications?  NO - WPCT is not designed for that application.

    What commonly used factory applied pipe coatings are compatible with WPCT?  All of them.

    What is the required surface prep for installing WPCT?  ST3 or SA 2 1/2 are recommended.

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