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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Canusa Aqua-Shield FPK (High Expansion)

 Canusa FPK - Flange Protection Kit

Canusa FPK
Canusa's Flange Protection Kit

     Canusa has a high expansion, high recovery shrink sleeve material that is designed for provide corrosion protection and sealing of flanges and other high profile pipeline substrates.  The FPK (Canusa Flange Protection Kit) was yellow in color and could be used on a variety of different pipeline and flange dimensions.  The product has a roughly 60% shrink built into it.

     The material used to make the Flange Protection Kit can also be used to coat casings, bell and spigot joints and high profile couplings.

     As you may or may not know; Seal for Life purchased the Canusa product line a few years ago, making Canusa and Covalence/Raychem essentially "sister companies."  Recently, there has been a push to move Canusa FPK users toward Covalence FS (Flange Seal).  

     Flangeseal is a product that has a 66% shrink ratio.  In addition, Flangeseals utilize a very tough, fiber reinforced backing that brings excellent penetration resistance, impact resistance and bursting strength to the product.  All important qualities when coating something like a flange.  

     If I can answer further questions, or give you some pricing on a Flangeseal - please reach out immediately!   936/321-3333

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