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Monday, February 26, 2024

Caseal and Flange Protection Kit Shrink Ratios

 How much does Caseal and Flangseal Material Shrink?

     Both Caseals and Flangeseals are made using a Covalence reinforced, high expansion, mastic sealant coated heat shrink sleeve.  The material essentially has two layers of a modified polyolefin backing, with a PP fiber mesh woven between them.  This gives the sleeves excellent penetration resistance, abrasion resistance and gouge resistance.  In addition - this allows the patented process to make a shrink sleeve that shrinks as much as 66%.

     Held together by sewing a nylon zipper onto the sleeve (using heat resistance kevlar thread), the sleeve stays in the shape of a tube through the entire shrink process.  The zipper is protected from the torch by a closure strip.  

     Looking at just a few of the Caseal sizes; a Caseal is able to wrap around a 48" OD Casing pipe and shrink down and seal to an 18" carrier pipe (if allowed) though the CS 48000 is primarily designed to seal to a 30" carrier.  There just aren't a lot of scenarios where someone would pay for a 48" casing pipe and put an 18" carrier running through it.  Waste of money!

    Likewise a Flangeseal is able to shrink in a similar manner.  As one example, an FS 48000 is designed to wrap around a flange with an actual OD of 48".  That Flangeseal could then shrink down to a 17" Pipe (again - this would likely never happen).

    In either case, both Caseal and Flangeseal are capable of covering a multitude of different Casing / Carrier / Flange / Pipe dimensions - and we almost certainly have a product that can help with your project.

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