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Monday, February 26, 2024

MWTM Sizes In Stock

 MWTM In Stock for Immediate Shipment

Raychem MWTM
Tyco/Raychem's Medium Wall Shrink Tubing

     MWTM is manufactured by Tyco Electronics who owns the Raychem name.  It stands for Medium Wall low voltage Tube for Medium voltage.  MWTM is designed for insulation of low voltage cable accessories as well as for sealing and protection purposes on low and medium voltage cable accessories.  In this tubing type, the electrical and physical properties of the cable oversheath and core insulation of a low voltage cable are combined with an easy installation.

     During the heating, the TE MWTM rubing shrinks to its original smaller diameter, fitting tightly over a wide range of cable sizes and accessories.  At the same time the tubing's inner sealant wall gives a reliable moisture seal over even the most irregular shapes. 

     The MWTM tube is widely used to insulate, protect and seal low voltage power cable joints and terminations, as well as many further applications in cable accessories and electrical connections.  The material content of MWTM is halogen-free and stabilized against UV irradiation.  The MWTM is available in both coated and uncoated varieties.  

     Key Features:
  • Excellent electrical characteristics and mechanical strength for low voltage applications.
  • Medium wall, cross linked polyolefin.  UV stabilized against irradiation and weathering.
  • Halogen and silicon free material content, non-corrosive, non toxic, free of lead and aluminum. 

     JSI's stock as of Feb 26, 2024:

MWTM 16/5-A/U -- 100 each available

MWTM 35/12-A/U -- 100 each available

MWTM 50/16-A/U -- 75 each available

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