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Friday, February 23, 2024

Bundled Bumper Spacing

 Spacing Options for Bundled Bore Bumpers

bore bumper
A BBS Bumper freshly installed

bore bumper bundle
Nowhere to hide if these bumpers don't work.  In person, the space was clearly visible and the silence of the lines NOT rubbing on one another was deafening.

dual pipe pullback
Here they go.  Bumpers still intact and in the same exact place when they came out of the ground 1500 feet away.

     When selecting your bumper spacing, I've seen a number of different philosophies.  First and foremost - it is important to share this disclaimer:  JSI never recommends bumper spacing.  In the first place, there are numerous factors including the flex in the pipe (which will be impacted by OD and wall thickness) then there is the depth and angles of the bore hole.  Because of those things; it is impossible for me to make a recommendation - that is a decision for the end user to make.

     But when we look at the multitude of jobs that have used our BBS system, I notice there are a few schools of thought out there.

  1. Some folks are conservative.  They want a bumper every 8-10 feet.  They know how expensive directional drilling is - how expensive their pipe and coating are - and they don't want to take any chances with pipe on pipe damage -- or CP failures. 
  2. Some folks seem to choose to put a bumper every 15-20 feet regardless of pipe OD.  
  3. Some folks carefully calculate all the factors involved:  pipe flex, bore radius, number of lines in the bundle, etc and they come up with very specific spacing requirements:  as an example I've seen every 25 feet on a 20" line and every 20 feet on an 8" line.
    So there are many strategies that our clients have used.  What is your strategy going to be?  

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