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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Tyco Electronics Products IN STOCK

 Tyco Electronics (TE.Com) Product in Stock - Same Day Shipping

     If your experience is like mine, when you have a need for Tyco Electronics Raychem parts; the response times and lead times can be frustrating.  I've even talked to folks who are no longer going to offer Raychem/Tyco products because they want to avoid the headache.  I've been there too!  I am in the process of increasing our inventory levels, in the hopes that I can help you to avoid that problem.  

     Now, as you'd guess, I am only carrying a few of the products.  I'm certainly open to adding more if it looks like that is a need; but for now; here are the products I currently have (and today's stock level).  I have multiple open orders with Tyco that will hopefully be shipping as promised in the weeks ahead.

Inventory as of February 22, 2024

NOTE:  This is my actual inventory in my warehouse in Conroe, TX 77385.  This is not "inventory that other folks have in stock; but I can access it"

4 rolls of BPTM 15/6-A/U

3 rolls of BPTM 30/12-A/U

1 roll BPTM 50/20-A/U

1 roll BPTM 100/40-A/U

1 roll BPTM 120/50-A/U

75 each CRSM-CT 53/13-200

3 each Gelcap-3

6 each GelWrap 18/4-100

45 each GHFC-1

55 each GHFC-2

100 each MWTM 16/5-A/U

100 each MWTM 35/12-A/U

75 each MWTM 50/16-A/U

1 each MWTM 85/25-1000-S

2 each MWTM 85/25-1200-S

3 each RDSS-Clip-100

1000 each WCSM 12/3-1200-S

81 each WCSM 16/4-1200-S

242 each WCSM 24/6-1200-S

261 each WCSM 34/8-1200-S

183 each WCSM 48/12-1200-S

100 each WCSM 56/16-1200-S

210 each WCSM 70/20-1200-S

I'd love to chat with you about these products; or any others!  Reach out for pricing today!


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