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Monday, February 12, 2024

Heat Shrink for WireLine


 Heat Shrink for HDD Line

HDD Line Wireline
WCSM 12/3-1200-S - in stock every day at JSI

What heat shrink are you using for your wireline?  

What heat shrink are you using for your HDD line?  

What heat shrink are you using for your HDD Drill Wire?  

     If you're reading this - and willing to share - please let me know!  (  We sell a product called WCSM 12/3-1200-S for people to use to seal up the splices and connections on their HDD line.  It is a fantastic product that has been around for many years.

     Supplied with an ID of 12mm (.4724"), this shrink tubing will shrink down to 3mm (.118").  We stock these heat shrink tubes in lengths that are 1200mm (47.24") but we are able to cut them down for you if there is a length that works better for you.

     WCSM is coated internally with an adhesive sealant, the WCSM is considered "heavy wall tubing" and is rated for use directly on exposed wire up to 1000 volts (quite a bit more when used as a jacket repair, etc).  

    Other sizes are:  WCSM 24/6; WCSM 34/8; WCSM 56/16; WCSM 70/20 and WCSM 110/30.  We keep a decent stock on hand for all of those sizes and are always adjusting our stock levels as needed to support you and your customers.  If you have questions, I'd love to answer them!

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