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Monday, February 12, 2024

WPC100M Shrink Sleeve Widths


In What Widths is WPC100M Available?

WPC100M 17 inch
Example of some partial rolls.  From left to right:  17", 24" and 11"

     WPC100M is a wrap around shrink sleeve manufactured by Seal for Life and sold through their Covalence brand (formerly Raychem).  WPC100M uses a butyl mastic sealant to prevent corrosion on field joints of pipelines that will operate at elevated temperatures.  When the shrink sleeve will be in contact with soil, WPC100M is rated for use at 176F.  If the WPC100M shrink sleeve is not directly exposed to soil (concrete coated pipe; insulated line; etc) then the sleeve is rated for use at 212F.  

offshore shrink sleeve
Historically, WPC100M founds its primary home protecting offshore pipelines.  There are many onshore applications for it as well. 

     So, how do you know what the optimal sleeve width is for your specific project?  That is a fairly simple answer.  The sleeve needs to be wide enough to coat the bare steel of the field joint and overlap onto the adjacent factory applied coating (both sides) by at least 3" per side.  So if you have 4" of bare steel cutback at your field joint, and you then need 3" of overlap on one side of the weld and 3" of overlap on the other side of the weld; you would need a sleeve that is AT LEAST 10" wide (closest standard is 11"). 

     Notice the 'at least'.  There are many cases where a company realizes they could use an 11" wide shrink sleeve, but they choose to use a 17" or 24" wide sleeve instead to increase the area of their seal.  

     So what widths are stocked on a regular basis at JSI?  At any given moment, I may have ~20,000 feet of the following various sizes:

  • WPC100M 11x100 (11" wide)
  • WPC100M 17x100 (17" wide)
  • WPC100M 24x100 (24" wide)
  • WPC100M 34x100 (34" wide)
WPC100M Shrink Sleeve Widths

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