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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

How to Coat Pipe Bends

 Flexclad Heat Shrinkable Tape for Pipe Bends (and more!)

Heat Shrink Tape
 A roll of Flexclad 50x1500/165

     Flexclad heat shrinkable tape is used to prevent corrosion of pipe bends in distribution networks.  The tape consists of a radiation crosslinked polyolefin backing coated with a specially formulated viscoelastic adhesive.  The tape is wrapped around the preheated pipe.  A separate closure is used to fix the tape end to the pipe surface.  Because of its flexibility, Flexclad tape conforms to the shape of the pipe surface.  When heated, the backing shrinks and forces the adhesive to flow and fill the weld area and other surface irregularities.  

    The shrinking tape exerts force on the sealant, which results in a perfectly tight seal.  Flexclad tape has an additional advantage of reduced craft-sensitivity when installed on site.  When cooled the products bonds extremely well to the steel pipe, to its own backing at the overlap, and to various pipe coatings.  Flexclad tape resists abrasion, impact and penetration and has a high resistance to cathodic disbondment.  Flexlad does not require a primer of any kind (though if you chose to use it with an S1301M Epoxy Primer - some technical values will be even better).

    Flexclad is sold in rolls that are 50 feet long.  It is stocked and available in widths of 2", 3" and 4".  It can be used for bends, for some fittings, for field joints on small pipe and just many other applications.  Call today to discuss what Flexclad can do for you!

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