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Thursday, March 21, 2024

Covalence WPC120 In Stock - IMMEDIATE SHIPPING

 Covalence (Raychem) WPC120 IN STOCK!

    Covalence WPC120 is our highest rated PE shrink sleeve in terms of operating temperature of the pipeline it is designed to protect the field joints on your pipelines that will operate at up to 251F (120C).  That is pretty much the maximum temperature that a PE can be used.  

     Designed to work with FBE, PE and other common pipeline coatings; WPC120 CAN be used with PP as well, but it requires some additional components to create a coating system rather than a simple single shrink sleeve coating.  

     Available in widths of 11", 17", 24", 34" or something custom, whatever you need we can make it happen (but 34" is the max). 

     Currently I have thousands of feet of WPC120 on hand, ready for your project (that you likely forgot to order the shrink sleeves for!).  Give me a call to discuss how I can help you get out of a bind....even if you just need a few hundred sleeves quickly to get your project started. ----- 936/321-3333

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