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Friday, March 22, 2024

HDD Bundle Bumpers

 Bumpers for HDD Bundles

     As JSI's BBS system for HDD Bundles is entering its 10th year of regular use, I think the jury has returned to the court room:  these things work.  

hdd bundle
As a point of reference, this is a 16" line resting on a 12" line.  Bearing the full weight of that 16" line and we can still clearly see the space being held between the lines.

      As a quick overview - an HDD Bundle is a situation in which more than one pipeline is pulled through the same bore hole (together at the same time).  In our time as leaders and innovators in this sector; we've been involved with TWO lines being pulled together; with ELEVEN lines being pulled together (wow that one was wild!) and many other configurations in between.

     Our BBS bumpers have been installed on everything from 2.375" pipe up to 36" pipe.  We can certainly go larger than 36" as well; but haven't had an opportunity to do so just yet. 

     You may be wondering:  why are bumpers needed on an HDD bundle?  There are two obvious reasons and both are equally important - for the sake of simplicity let's picture the 11 line bundle that we were involved with:
  1. During the pull through, you absolutely want to be certain your pipelines are not going to damage one another.  Picture multiple lines being pulled through the bore hole and one of them hits a rock; a root; a hard pocket of clay, etc -- and that one line 'bounces' and collides with the other line.  Even though pipe coatings are very tough, a 16" line bouncing and slamming into a 6" line is very likely to cause some damage to one or both of those lines.  Beyond that, picture 11 lines all resting on one another travelling through a 5000 foot bore hole.  Imagine those 11 lines vibrating against one another.  That would be a lot of abrasion happening for quite a long time (since the pipe is pulled through so slowly).  How much abrasion force would be put on those lines?  I don't know.  How much pipe on pipe vibration are the pipe coatings you selected able to withstand?  I don't know.  The best plan is to be certain your pipe will not be colliding or resting on one another through the pull through process.  That is where our BBS comes in.
  2. Equally important, when the lines reach their final destination....where they will spend their next 40+ years doing their job; you need to be certain that your cathodic protection system can reach all areas of your pipelines.  Picture that 11 line pull through that we were involved with (though the same logic applies to a 2 line pull through).  11 lines all sitting in the ground in a jumbled mess; touching each other and a huge pipe pile.  In cases where two or more lines are touching one another (in their final resting place) there is no room for soil and water to fill the voids around the lines and create a path for CP current to get through where needed.  Your own lines are obstructing the CP -- effectively giving you zero CP coverage in some areas.  That is a problem.  
     HDD bundles are excellent solutions that bring cost savings and bring options in highly congested pipeline areas.  But, you need a plan to help you avoid pipe on pipe damage and to make certain you aren't handicapping your CP system from the get go.  We can help you with that.

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