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Monday, March 25, 2024

WCSM Shrink Tubing Box Quantities

 Standard Box Qty for WCSM Shrink Tubing 

In Stock

      What are the standard box quantities for Raychem's WCSM?  That is a fairly common question that I receive.  


WCSM 48/12-1200-S
WCSM 48/12-1200-S in stock

WCSM 34/8-1200-S
WCSM 12/3-1200-S in stock

     Weill the quickest answer to this question is:  ANY BOX QTY YOU WANT!  We don't enforce ordering in box quantities.  We have even taken orders over the years for a single stick!  Now, if you're someone who likes to order in standard box quantities, because that makes inventory management easier - then I completely understand!  I like that too.  Here are standards:

WCSM 12/3-1200-S -- 25 per box

WCSM 16/4-1200-S -- 25 per box

WCSM 24/6-1200-S -- 25 per box

WCSM 34/8-1200-S -- 25 per box

WCSM 48/12-1200-S -- 10 per box

WCSM 56/16-1200-S -- 10 per box

These are all products that we stock regularly in the hundreds (if not thousands) in terms of quantity.  If you're not entirely familiar with WCSM, here is a quick overview:

Raychem WCSM heat shrink is a thick wall tubing designed for insulating low voltage cables, as well as for sealing, protecting and rejacketing on low, medium and high voltage cables and accessories.  With this tubing type, the electrical and physical properties of cable oversheath and core insulation of low voltage cables are combined with ruggedness and easy installation.  

WCSM tubing seals against moisture of cable splices and mechanically protects the outer jackets on many applications.  

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