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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

HDD Bundle Bumpers

 Bumpers for HDD Bundles

bore bumpers

     You may have heard before of JSI's BBS bumper system used to protect pipelines in multi pipe pull backs (where more than one pipeline is pulled through a bore hole).  If you're curious - you can look HERE for a fantastic case study we were able to write up on a large job a few years ago.  In addition you can watch a very quick installation video below (installation is fast and easy).

      With many thousands of bumpers installed on hundreds of projects; BBS is proven to successfully accomplish the two things it is designed to do:  1. Protect the pipe from 'pipe on pipe damage' through the pull through process and 2: Keep space betweeen the pipelines once they are in their final resting place so that as soil fills in; CP can reach the line.  

     See below for an assortment of photos from a few jobs we've been a part of:

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