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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Lead Time for Covalence Shrink Sleeves

 Lead Time for Covalence Shrink Sleeves

      Once upon a time, Covalence Heat Shrink Sleeves were called RAYCHEM (many people still remember that name:
     Since 1989 we have been a stocking location for Raychem (now Covalence) Shrink Sleeves.  We specialize in a few things:
  • We are knowledgeable about the product
  • We keep a large stock of inventory
  • We try to ship all orders out within one day
     So, lead times are generally very SHORT.  A few of the Covalence products that we stock and make in our facility in Conroe, TX 77385:

  • DIRAX - directional drilling field joint coating
  • WPCT - basic mastic shrink sleeve rated for use up to 140F
  • WPC100M - mastic shrink sleeve rated or use up to 212F (in some circumstances)
  • WPC120 - hot melt adhesive shrink sleeve rated to 251F
  • TPS - WPCT in a slip on / tubular form
  • Caseal - high expansion sleeve for sealing between a casing and a carrier pipe
  • Flangeseal - high expansion sleeve for protecting a flange
  • Flexclad - heat shrink tape
  • HTLP60 and HTLP80 - three layer coating system
  • S-1301m Epoxy that is used with products like DIRAX and HTLP
Give us a call with any questions!  Would love to chat about your next project!  936/321-3333

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