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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Powercrete Cure Times

 Powercrete J Cure Times

     Here we will look at cure times for Powercrete J.  As you likely know, the biggest factor in determining cure time is this:  what temps are involved?  That can mean ambient temperatures -- but it can also mean 'artifical' temperatures which would include preheating the steel prior to application.  Preheating the steel is the best way to have a controlled cure time (to a degree).

     Now, there are really a couple of important "times."  There is GEL TIME - which will tell you when the window is open for you to add another coat (coats need to be added to material in its gel state --- otherwise if the material is too cured; an anchor pattern will have to be re-introduced.  Then there is 65 Shore D time.  There is also a 75 Shore D time and a "dry" time but I won't be address those in this article.  

Temperature                Gel Time                65 Shore D Time

               80F                        30 minutes                    4 hr 45 minutes     

          90F                        25 minutes                    2 hr 50 minutes

100F                        18 minutes                    2 hr           

        110F                        16 minutes                    1 hr 40 minutes

         120F                        15 minutes                    1 hr 20 minutes 

140F                        13 minutes                    40 minutes

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