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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Canusa PLA Shrink Sleeves


Canusa PLA Shrink Sleeves and Covalence TPS Shrink Sleeves (IN STOCK)

     For the last 25 years, I've been selling Raychem TPS (now called Covalence) against Canusa's PLA.  In many ways, they are similar products.  Here are the ways they are similar:

1. Both PLA and TPS are radiation crosslinked shrink sleeves that are supplied in the shape of a tube

2. In both cases, the PLA or TPS sleeves are slid onto the pipe before the weld is made

3.  After the weld is made, in both cases, the sleeve is then centered over the girth weld, the release liner is removed and the sleeves are shrunk with a propane torch.

4.  Both utilize a fairly aggressive sealant

5.  Both have been used successfully for decades.

6.  Both are shrunk using a propane torch and both require at least a wire brushed pipe surface 

     There are also a few differences:

1. Canusa's PLA is yellow.  Covalence TPS is black.

2.  Canusa PLA turns from yellow to orange-ish pink as it is properly heated (and it returns to yellow when it cools).

3.  Covalence TPS utilizes a permanent change indicator, the backing is supplied with a dimpled pattern in it; as the sleeve is properly shrunk, that pattern fades to a smooth black surface.  That change is permanent (which is better for inspectors, etc).

If you are looking for heat shrink tubes for your pipeline --- give us a call - we have a huge stock of material that is ready to ship!  936/321-3333

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