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Monday, May 6, 2024

Cold Weather Powercrete Product?

 Powercrete Pipe Coating for Cold Weather?

Powercrete Cold Weather
Powercrete R65/F1 Kits 

     When working with epoxy pipe coatings, especially in cold weather climates; "will this cure in cold weather" is an important question that needs to be asked.  In the Powercrete world - the fast cure epoxy that can be used in the coldest temperatures is Powercrete R65/F1.  We have a few factors here that tie in with "cold weather".

     First of all let's look at the "temperature of the actual epoxy kit" as an important key factor.  The temperature of the epoxy needs to be in the temperature range of 65-85F.  This generally means that the epoxy is kept out of the elements, inside a storage shed; in a truck with a heater running (if the weather is very cold) etc.  Below 65F the epoxy can become challenging to mix as the material will be very thick.  

    As a second point; the epoxy needs to be "above 40F" in order for the chemical reaction to occur.  This temperature can be impacted (and controlled) by preheating the steel, incorporating a tent of some kind, possibly incorporating a wind screen, etc.  Preheating the steel prior to application is always going to be a key factor in controlling your cure times.  If you are working with epoxy that has been stored at the right temperature --- and you have preheated your pipe --- and you are controlling the weather elements as well as you can --- then you can create an environment that is above that 40F temperature fairly easy in most (not all) parts of the country.

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