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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

HDD Bundle Bumpers

 HDD Bundle Bumpers

HDD Bundle

     Another successful project in the books.  Here you see a photo of a training we've just completed.  Contractor was able to string quite a bit of pipe.  They then came through; coated field joints and then applied the bumpers before bundling up the lines and sending them through the hole.  Contractor, end users and inspectors were all very happy with the result.  The section of the bundle that came out of the hole on the other end still had bumpers in place exactly where they had been installed.  None were damaged.  None were lost.  None slid down the pipe.  

    We've now seen our BBS bumpers for pipe bundles installed on everything from 2" pipe to 36" pipe and have yet to hear of a problem or a failure.  It is a great product and we'd love to talk to you about your upcoming projects.  

     In addition, our bumpers have been used on everything from two line bundles; all the way up to an ELEVEN line bundle!  That one was wild to see.  If you're interested you can see one of our early CASE STUDIES by clicking on the link.

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