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Monday, October 7, 2013

WPC100M Tape

Heat Shrinkable Tape

     In that past, we've discussed options for coating a long length of pipe or a bend (for some reason, unknown to me - that was a post that turned out to be VERY popular - if you know why - please let me know!)  If you're dealing with an ambient temperature line, the solutions mentioned there are excellent.  If you are attempting to coat a bend on pipe that will operate at an elevated temperature, however, Flexclad might not be a good solution for you.

     In that case of an elevated temperature bend; one product to consider is our WPC100M Tape.  Made from the same exact material as the WPC100M shrink sleeve, WPC100M Tape is rated for use up to 176F (80C) or 212F (100C) if under insulation of some kind.  WPC100M Tape can be available in 3", 4" and 6" widths (by 50 feet) and would function much like any heat shrinkable tape.  The WPC100M Tape is spiral wrapped around the substrate; overlapping itself by 40-50%.  It is then shrunk with a propane torch.  The aggressive mastic sealant of the WPC100M will bond to most all commonly used pipeline coatings and just about any substrate.  I've even heard of it being used on poly pipe to act as a layer of physical protection (purely mechanical in a case like that).

     No matter what you're application is, there is a very good chance we've got a product that will work.  Give us a call to discuss your pipeline coating needs.

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