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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Is Shrink Sleeve Training Necessary?

Is Shrink Sleeve Training Required?

     As always, a short answer and a long answer.  Short answer:  No.
     Long answer:  Shrink sleeves have been generally accepted and commonly used for decades.  You would be hard pressed to find a construction crew with no shrink sleeve experience (though it does happen).  In that vein, the world is literally full of experienced heat shrink sleeve installers.  Does this mean they are good installers?  Definitely not!  But most are.
     In order to attempt to circumvent the installers who aren't quite up to snuff, we include a printed installation instruction sheet in every single box of sleeves that we ship out.  Yes, every single box.  If you're working on a project where you purchased 2000 shrink sleeves for a 20" pipe; well you are going to end up with 134 copies of our installation instruction sheet.  We don't know which box you're going to open.  We don't know which box will be the first box of the second shift to be opened.  We just want to make sure you have a copy of the instructions there so that you have the greatest chance of successfully and properly installing a shrink sleeve on that specific field joint where you are working right now.
     In addition to the printed shrink sleeve installation sheets (also called shrink sleeve application guidelines), we have installation videos available.  Let me show you one here:
Caseal (Casing Seal) Application Video
     That is the installation video for our Caseal product.  It is designed to seal up a casing (but does not act to center the carrier pipe within the casing pipe.  We have other videos as well and you can see them as many times as you'd like at the JSI Coatings youtube channel for no cost to you.
     In addition, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss and answer questions about your specific application.  We can walk you through install steps, we can tell you what to expect, we can outline the common pitfalls and mistakes during shrink sleeve application or we can even make you a custom video showing your specific shrink sleeve application. 
     Lastly, we do offer individual one on one training sessions right here at our facility in Conroe, TX.  We can practice installation, discuss, critique and certify installers; generally in half of a day or less.  We'd love you have you out and would likely take the opportunity to tell you about our entire line of products -- not just the one you're going to be using on your next project. 
     If none of those are sufficient for you, your customer or your crew - we can absolutely discuss having a tech on site to train your crews in a hands on manner.  We are based in the Houston, TX area, but have serviced jobs, literally from coast to coast and from the border of Mexico to the border of Canada.  There is sometimes a cost associated with that sort of training however; particularly if it will require a plane ride and a longer stay. 

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