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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

HTLP60 Shrink Sleeves

HTLP60 Shrink Sleeve Coating Handout

raychem shrink sleeve
Cover of a Raychem Handout circa 1985 - HTLP60
     This is the cover of a Raychem HTLP60 shrink sleeve hand out made and in use in 1985.  Personally, I'm not really sure how coating your pipeline with HTLP60 (a great product) is "keeping an eagle eye on your pipeline"; but maybe this supposed to appeal to the US market.  You know how much we Americans love our could we turn down any product that uses an eagle as the focal point??
     The beautiful thing is that this product has been in use for more than 20 years now, and it been exactly as dependable as it was presented to be back in the 1980's.  Wait, that's probably not actually true.  I would argue that this sleeve has exceeded any expectations.  Back in the "old days" 20 years was often a number thrown around as the life of a pipeline.  As a result, many coatings manufacturers sought to meet that same 20 year life expectancy with their coatings.  Here we are way more than 20 years from the inception and installation of many of our products - and those coatings are still going strong, performing exactly as expected. 
     Inside of this hand out you can find the following text:
     The HTLP60 system consists of an active modified epoxy primer and a specially coated heat-shrinkable sleeve.  Resulting in a 3-layer anti-corrosion coating with all the virtues of combined epoxy / cross-linked Polyethylene systems, improved impact, adhesion, high temperature and cathodic disbanding performance.  Fully compatible with Fusion Bond Epoxy or Polyethylene line coatings. 
     In order to achieve adequate adhesion to steel high performance field joints have in the past required high steel preheat temperatures.  A time consuming, critical and expensive on site operation.  HTLP completely eliminates this preheat. 
    To Install HTLP simply:
  1. Sand blast girth weld area.
  2. Flame brush steel to remove moisture
  3. Apply active primer to steel and adjacent FBE
  4. Shrink sleeve using a standard propane torch
     Contractor Advantages:
  1. No induction heaters
  2. No special tools or spray equipment
  3. No refrigerated storage needed
  4. No high preheat hence no potential main coating damage
  5. No critical surface preparation required (anchor pattern)
  6. Field friendly
  7. Low manpower requirements
  8. Does not require highly skilled installers
  9. Allows tie ins and weld skips to be done with ease
  10. Any number of joints crews can install
  11. Lower installed cost
     Pipeline owners and contractors need to keep a sharp eye on corrosion and construction costs.  Not surprisingly therefore Fusion Bonded Epoxy and Polyethylene are increasingly becoming the industry's coating choice.  To complete the on site girth weld area protection of these quality coatings, Raychem has created a unique system, HTLP.

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