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Friday, August 22, 2014

Raychem Heat Shrink Corporate Capabilities 1997

Raychem Shrink Sleeves at a Glance

(Flashback to 1997)

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     Looking through some old files around here, I've felt a bit nostalgic.  I've only been involved with Raychem (Tyco/Covalence/Berry) products for 14 years; but in that time, I've had the opportunity to be around a number of "lifers".  When you get these lifers talking about the 'old days' over a beer, it is very common to see their eyes light up, their gazes drift off and the tone of their voice takes on a bit of wonder.  I gotta be honest, it isn't a lot different from asking a 50 year old single person to talk about their first love!  Part of my brain says "wow, they really feel like got to be a part of something rare and amazing" and the other part of my brain says "that's kind of creepy". 

     In either case, I came across this information which was published at that time and available to the public.  So without further ado:  Raychem Corporate Capabilities in 1997.

Raychem at a Glance
Founded in 1957
Annual revenues in 1997 = $1.85 billion
600th among fortune 1000
More than 9,000 employees worldwide
66% of revenues from customers located outside of the United States and Canda
Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, USA
A History of Technical Innovation
- Raychem's name derives from radiation chemistry - the technology on which Raychem products initially were based
- In the 1950's Raychem:
Invented heat-shrinkable tubing
Set new standards for wire and cable insulation
Produced the first crosslinked polymer products
Materials Science Expertise
Raychem's core technologies - alone or in combination - form the basis for current and future products
- Polymer formulation and crosslinking
- Conductive polymers
- Adhesives
- Gels
- Ceramics
- Superelastic and shape memory alloys
Using Technology to Solve Customers Problems
Raychem combines expertise in materials science with key strengths:
- Computer assisted design engineering
- Advanced manufacturing processes
- Stringent quality control
- Worldwide customer support
Worldwide Operations
Raychem has manufacturing, sales, or research facilities in more than 40 countries.
Raychem Business Segments
High performance Raychem products are based on leadership in materials science, product design, and process engineering.  Raychem divisions serve customers in three business segments:
- Electronics
- Industrial
- Telecommunications
Major Manufacturing Sites
Raychem has manufacturing plants in 28 cities including:
- Menlo Park, CA, USA
- Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, USA
- Swindon, England
-Shannon, Irleand
- Ottobrunn, Germany
- Kessel-Lo, Belgium
- Tsukuba, Japan
Raychem's heating cables:
- Maintain hot water temperature
- Prevent frozen pipes
- Melt snow and ice on roofing and pavement
- Stop heat loss in flooring
Gas and Water Utilities and Pipeline Industries
These and other Raychem products reduce the likelihood of corrosion, leakage and mechanical damage to pipelines:
- Heat shrinkable sleeves
- Coatings
- Sensing systems
- Cathodic protection systems
Defense Systems
Raychem interconnect devices help ensure top performance and reliability in the electronics systems supporting military airborne, marine and ground vehicles.
Lightweight, rugged Raychem wire, cable and interconnection products contribute to the safety, reliability and efficiency of many flight systems:
- Large and small commercial aircraft
- Military aircraft
- Missile systems
- Helicopters
- Spacecraft
Computers and Communications
Raychem products:
- Provide overcurrent and thermal protection for sensitive components
- Enhance delivery of solder
- Improve the reliability of inline wire splices and terminations
- Protect equipment components from chemical and mechanical damage
- Sealed interconnections on wiring harnesses
- Circuit protection
- Mechanical protection
Raychem's sensing cable systems help prevent damage by detecting and locating water leaks around pipes, on roofs, on tank surfaces and under flooring.
Raychem cable accessory products and electrical protection divisions are used extensively by utilities, industrial and commercial customers.  They improve safety and reliability in construction and maintenance of power distribution systems.
Raychem's telecommunications products connect, seal and protect copper, fiber optic, and coaxial systems.  Newer products also combine digital electronics and sealing technology to enhance existing copper networks.
Raychem heating cables and control systems provide temperature maintenance, freeze protection, leak detection and protection for equipment in extreme environmental conditions.
More than 11% of Raychem employees are involved in research and development.  Raychem holds more than 900 patents in the United States and nearly 4000 worldwide. 
In 1993, Raychem's R&D expense was 6.4% of revenue.
In 1994 it was 6.8%
In 1995 it was 7.8%

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