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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Raychem Wrap Up Newsletter

Raychem WrapUp Newsletter

     I came across an old Raychem newsletter yesterday.  I suppose that is one of the advantages of being from a family that has been involved with Raychem (and Covalence) heat shrinkable sleeves since the mid 1970's; you never know what you're going to find.  Open up an old box or a long ignored drawer and you're likely to come across an old product data sheet; hand scribbled notes from a weekend phone call; a copy of an old technical paper or even Volume 1, No. 1 of the Raychem WrapUp (which might be the only volume ever made and the only copy still in existence (it is in mint condition so if you're into this kind of thing, feel free to make me an offer!)
     This was a single sheet (front and back) newsletter thrown together by Bill Mannion who was apparently the head of the division for a few years way back when.  Bill wrote the first article of the page.  In the first article - there is one bit I absolutely LOVE.  Bill says that since so many folks within Raychem travel so much; he is planning to write a little guide to restaurants and hotels around the world so that folks can know where to eat and stay.  One of the restaurants he mentions is USA Seafood in Philadelphia and he goes on to say "the lobster is quite good" there.  Can you imagine a corporation in this day and age, whose division head tells his employees to make sure they try the lobster next time they are in Philly??
     Other articles in this newsletter include:
- Raychem's presence at ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) at which their greatest attraction in the booth was our TWDB product. 
- Raychem introducing the "Real Seal" which was (apparently) an advertising campaign designed to shed light on Raychem's sealant technologies.
- A write up/feature on Raychem's business in Brasil and how they were beginning to take over as the industry leader there.
- A report on upcoming sales tools including literature, movies (available in 16mm and cassette!) and some industry focused brochures (gas, construction, district heating).
- An analysis of the year to date numbers versus plan (at that moment the world was at 110% of plan and expected to finish at 135%)
     The most interesting article to me though was a case study and project update on the LOOP project which I will be tackling tomorrow.  So, stay tuned!

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