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Friday, January 30, 2015

Pipeline Cluster Spacers

Cluster Spacers for Pipelines

     Multiple pipes being pulled through a bore at the same time (often called a bundled directional drill) require special preparation to be certain that there won't be significant pipe on pipe violence occurring during that pull.  In such a case, a system that serves to keep a safe distance between the assorted pipelines is highly recommended.  Sometimes that system is called a Cluster Spacer (though we call ours a bundled bore system:  BBS).

     Directional drilling is incredibly expensive.  Drilling a hole large enough to fit several different pipelines through at a time is even more-so.  It is pointless to spend all of that money on the bore itself and then allow the pipeline coating to be so damaged that you're creating problems for years to come.  You have to protect your investment.  That is where our cluster spacer system comes into play.

pipeline cluster spacer
Four Pipeline Cluster Bore
     Don't risk significant damage to your pipeline that will be involved in a bundled directional drill.  You have to have something to prevent the pipe from the other lines in the bundle.  That's where our BBS bundled bore bumper system comes in.  Get in touch with us for pricing and technical information.

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