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Monday, January 5, 2015

Shark Tooth Shrink Sleeve

Shrink Sleeve with no Leak Path

shark tooth shrink sleeve
Sharktooth cut heat shrinkable sleeve (DIRAX)
     Over the years, there have occasionally been engineers and technical people in the pipeline coatings industry who expressed some concern about a potential leak path at the overlap area of the heat shrinkable sleeve.  Truthfully, our experience with heat shrinkable sleeves (at least the Covalence, formerly Raychem product) makes a very strong case that those concerns are unfounded (WPCT Use History / DIRAX Use History).

     Though we don't really believe there is any need for concern there, the "customer is always right" as they say.  That is, anytime a customer has concerns...or even potential concerns, it is simply put: sound practice to address those concerns as well as possible.  Though our business cards would indicate we are in the pipeline coatings business, it is much more accurate to say that we are in the people business.  We are also in the "engineered solutions" business.  We are grateful every time we get the chance to address and alleviate concerns and that is what we did here.  That 'engineered solution' is named SharkTooth. 

     As you can see in the photo above, rather than a straight line step down area which geometrically and theoretically creates a single direct line from one side of the shrink sleeve to the other, we have created a zig zagged step down area where the shrink sleeve adhesive will be foiling waters attempt to reach that bare steel at every twist and at every turn. 

     Quick side note: if your installers are not properly following one of the final steps in the installation process of our shrink sleeves and using a silicone roller to put mild pressure to that step down area to assure proper filling and sealing -- please make sure they have a roller on hand to use by tomorrow!

     So, is a potential straight line leak path a concern of yours?  If it is; let's chat.  The SharkTooth cut shrink sleeve (DIRAX is pictured above) was tested extensively in a hyperbaric chamber to insure that even under significant pressure there was absolutely no water ingress.

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