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Friday, June 5, 2015

Pipe Bore Spacers Case Study

Pipeline Bumper Case Study:  20" & 16"

     We were recently given an opportunity to get involved with yet another bundled road bore.  This was a slightly unusual case here in the USA because this pipeline was factory coated with a polypropylene coating and was being installed onshore.  Given our long and successful track record, our product was specified to be the bumper installed on each line to prevent the lines from damaging one another during the pull through. 

     The job went perfectly and we've even already shipped bumpers for the second phase of the project.  Installing on both a 20" and a 16" line was simple.  Utilizing our specially designed bumper system, we locked in place a bumper that is 2" wide and 1" tall.  We do have 2" tall bumper as an option.  In numerous case studies, however, with pipe up to 20" and beyond, it has been shown again and again that with proper bumper spacing, the 1" tall bumpers are sufficient to protect the factory applied coating. 

     So without further ado, let's take a look at some photographs:

Bumpers installed on 20" and 16" pipe

Close up of an installed bumper

Three adjacent lines all protected by bumpers prior to the bundling.

Pipe just prior to bundling.

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