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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bumper for Bundle Bore Pipe Sizes

Bore Spacer Use History

     Our bumper spacers that are used to prevent lines from colliding with and damaging one another in bundled road bore applications have been successfully used on many projects now.  Simple to install and proven repeatedly to be reliable (with some before and after photos that can be found on this article).  In that light, I am finding that a couple of questions are asked often.  These two questions are:  what pipe sizes have used these bumpers....and how many have been installed?  I'll answer the second question first.

     So how many of our bumpers have been installed?  The simplest answer is:  thousands.  We've seen thousands of our bumpers installed successfully.  Those protected pipelines on many miles of bundled road bores.  Beyond all of that, we've heard repeatedly about the simplicity of the installation of the system and advantages over some of the other options out there.  I think I described in detail here recently how our bumpers will have no issue with hydrostatic testing (which I was told caused some of the other bumper systems to fail before the bundle ever saw the bore hole). 

     On what sizes lines have our bumpers been used?  At this moment, we've seen our bumpers installed on every pipe size between 3.5" and 20".  We've seen everything from two pipeline bundles to eleven pipeline bundles.  Beyond that though, our evaluation of both the specially formulated bumper material and our knowledge and experience of the system we use to hold the bumpers in place; tells us that this system will work on any sized line.  Our system has been used in slightly different application on lines up to forty eight inch with no issues (actually in those cases our system was used an actual pipeline coating in order to prevent corrosion for twenty plus years; so simply "surviving the bore process without losing track of the bumper" is a pretty small request when making a comparison. 


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