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Monday, February 22, 2016

Bumpers on Road Bore Conduit Pipe

Conduit Pipe Road Bore Bumpers

     In reality, pipe that will serve as a conduit (meaning it will be filled with cables and hoses rather than transporting fluid) is on different than oil and natural gas pipelines when it comes to the importance of an external anti corrosion coating.

     In both cases, it is imperative that the steel pipeline be protected with integrity from corrosion that can be caused by water and oxygen.  To spend all of that money for these steel conduits, only to have the steel pipe rust away within a few years (leaving your cables and hoses exposed water) would be absolutely insane.  As a result, conduit pipelines (when buried) are almost always coated with the very same types of coatings that are used on pipelines.  Most often, that coating is a fusion bonded epoxy.

     But when pulling through two (or more) different conduit pipes through the same bore hole; at the same time - it is critical that you do something to prevent one pipe from crashing into the other pipe.  This can really test the impact resistance of your coating and potentially create holidays in the factory applied (or field joint) coating. 

     In those cases, we always recommend our proven BBS bumper system.  Used on pipelines large and small, BBS is the only product on the market with proven before and after evaluations.  In addition, BBS has been used on everything from a two pipe pull through to a massive eleven pipe bundle. 

     If you're going to be involved with a bundled directional drilling job - please contact us to get product information and pricing.  Use a product you can believe in.  Use a product that is proven.  

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