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Tuesday, August 24, 2021


 Bumper System for Bundled Road Bores (BBS)

     Another successful bundled road bore using JSI's patent pending BBS bumper system.  This time our product was used on a project up in the Northeast USA.  We completed training on the morning of job kick off (though rain required we train in a warehouse instead of out on the right of way).  As you'll see in the photos below, we are installing on some scrap pipe for training purposes only.

We lightly preheat the surface of the pipe to be certain it is above the dew point and to be certain we are efficiently using the epoxy bonding agent in a very thin layer.  Other than preheating and wiping the pipe coating surface clean so that there is no dust, oil, dirt, grease, etc -- we do NOT damage the factory applied coating in any way. 

The epoxy bonding agent is applied to the preheated pipe surface.  The epoxy bonding agent is applied in a very thin layer.  Microns thick rather than mils.  We want a thickness at which we see the solid color of the epoxy we are applying.  The epoxy should be everywhere that the system will be -- and beyond so that inspectors can verify proper application, even at a later date.

Specially formulated bumper is wrapped around the pipe and secured temporarily using tape.  The bumpers will have been cut at an angle so that they fit together properly; forming a round circular shape.

The main sleeve is then wrapped around that bumper (centered) and the closure is secured.  It is critically important that the sleeve is one that has been proven successful in road bore applications; otherwise you are likely to end up with a pile of material that has torn off the pipeline in your bore hole.  

Main sleeve is then shrunk; starting over the bumper and moving to either end.  The sleeve should always be shrunk circumferentially (around the pipe) in a manner that prevents any air entrapment.  The sleeve will conform very nicely to the bumper profile.

For pipelines 12" and larger we recommend utilizing two installers; one on each side of the pipe - working in tandem.  

Here we see the profile of the bumper showing nicely and properly.  This is looking like a very good installation.  Good job to the crew!

We now see that the leading edge sleeve has been applied to the left side of the system.  This offers extra protection to the front end of the system.  

In this installation, the leading edge strip is on the right side of the system.  Another great install by this crew.  BBS Installation Certification cards are on their way to you!  In addition, we are available 24/7 for teleconference, video conference or any possible trouble shooting that may arise.  

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