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Friday, May 26, 2023

Heat Shrink Sleeves: Essential Information for Accurate Quoting

Heat Shrink Sleeves: Essential Information for Accurate Quoting

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In the realm of purchasing and procurement, field joint coatings often find themselves at the tail end of the decision-making process. These coatings, while crucial, are frequently addressed in the eleventh hour, resulting in a significant portion of our orders falling under the "emergency" or "hot tail gate rush" category. At Joint Specialists, we understand this reality and strive to provide timely and reliable solutions.

As a distributor of Raychem products, we take pride in our ability to ship 95% of orders on the same day they are received, even under urgent circumstances. However, even for these expedited requests, we require some fundamental information to ensure the proper recommendation and pricing of our heat shrink sleeves. While obtaining the Field Joint Coating Specification makes our job significantly easier, it often involves sifting through extensive technical documentation. Nevertheless, the basic sleeve information we require includes the following:

  1. Outside Diameter of the Pipeline: This measurement helps us determine the appropriate size of the shrink sleeve needed for the application at hand. Understanding the pipeline's diameter enables us to select the most suitable product from our range of options.

  2. Operating Temperature: Covalence, the manufacturer of our shrink sleeves, produces a variety of products with different adhesive properties. The operating temperature of the pipeline plays a vital role in adhesive performance. Knowing this information allows us to recommend the most effective heat shrink sleeve for the specific temperature conditions.

  3. Factory Applied Coating: It is important to consider the compatibility of adhesives with the existing factory applied line coating. Not all adhesives work harmoniously with every type of coating. For example, hot melt adhesives are generally not compatible with Polypropylene coatings. Identifying these potential issues in advance helps avoid costly discoveries during field operations, such as on a pipe lay barge where every day of operation carries significant financial implications.

  4. Cutbacks: A cutback refers to the exposed steel surface between the factory applied coating and the end of the pipe. To determine the amount of bare steel present at a field joint, we multiply the cutback measurement by two. This calculation aids us in selecting an appropriately sized shrink sleeve for optimal coverage and protection (refer to resources [here] and [here] for further details).

Additionally, we require information regarding the specific application in which the heat shrink sleeve will be used. Factors such as whether it is a standard "drop in the ditch" pipeline, a road bore, a directional drill, a high-temperature line, an onshore or offshore project, or even a deep-water scenario, all influence our product recommendations. Understanding these details ensures that we provide tailored solutions for diverse operational environments, taking into account any unique challenges or requirements associated with each application.

We acknowledge that the amount of information requested may initially seem overwhelming or daunting. However, it is essential to recognize the significance of field joint coatings in every oil and gas pipeline joint. In fact, these coatings are a requirement rather than an option. Embracing this opportunity to enhance your sales numbers, increase profitability, and, perhaps most importantly, provide valuable service to your customers, who might otherwise choose an unsuitable product, is crucial. Furthermore, by partnering with Joint Specialists, you gain access to product experts who are just a phone call (936/321-3333) or an email ( away. We are here to support you, leveraging our expertise to ensure your success.

Rest assured that with Joint Specialists, the seemingly complex task of selecting and quoting heat shrink sleeves becomes more manageable. We are committed to streamlining the process, offering efficient solutions, and delivering exceptional customer service. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you in making informed decisions and meeting your field joint coating needs

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