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Monday, May 29, 2023

Pipeline Bumpers for Road Bore Bundle

Pipeline Bumpers for Road Bore Bundle

 When it comes to road bores, there are various types of bumpers or casing spacers that can be used to provide support and protection to the bundled cables or conduits during the boring process. Here are a few commonly used options:

  1. Casing Spacers: Casing spacers are designed to maintain the separation between carrier pipes or conduits during road bores. They are typically made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and feature ribs or dividers that hold the bundled cables or conduits in place within the casing. Casing spacers help prevent damage and ensure proper positioning of the pipes or conduits.

  2. Bore Spacers: Bore spacers are similar to casing spacers but are specifically designed for road bores. They are typically made of non-conductive materials, such as HDPE, and are used to maintain the separation and alignment of the bundled cables or conduits within the bore hole.

  3. Casing End Seals: Casing end seals are used to provide a watertight and secure seal at the ends of the casing or conduit. They help prevent the ingress of water, dirt, and other contaminants into the casing during the road bore.

  4. Duct Sliders: Duct sliders are often used in road bores to facilitate the installation of bundled cables or conduits into the casing. They are typically made of low-friction materials, such as plastic or nylon, and are placed at the entrance of the casing to ease the movement of the cables or conduits as they are pushed through the bore.

It's important to note that the specific type of bumper or casing spacer used for road bores may vary depending on the project requirements, local regulations, and the size and configuration of the bundled cables or conduits. It's recommended to consult with industry experts or suppliers who specialize in underground construction materials to ensure you select the appropriate bumpers for your specific application.

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