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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

BBS Bumper for Bundled Bores - Included Components

 BBS Bumpers for Pipe Bundles - What is Included?

     Sometimes called Multi-Pipe Pullbacks; bundled road bores occur when more than one pipe is pulled through a bore hole.  It is a new tweak on a long time technology; the only difference is:  the bore hole is large enough to fit more than one pipeline.  In those cases, two things have to be considered:

  1.   How do we make sure they pipelines don't damage one another during the pull through?  Pipes do jolt at times as they encounter rock, roots, etc.  You certainly don't want those lines that you are never going to see again experiencing damage to their corrosion coatings!
  2.   How do we make sure we don't have pipelines resting upon one another?  We've supplied bumpers on bundles with as many as 11 pipelines involved.  Imagine 11 pipeline all resting on one another (picture a handful of uncooked spaghetti).  How is CP going to get to the line that is stuck in the middle of that bundle surrounded by a literal pipe wall keeping soil, water and current away from the line?  How about the "inside" sides of those pipes that are making up the "wall"?  You need to make sure there is space between those pipelines so that soil can ultimately fill those areas; creating a path for the CP. 
If you're curious - you can see a case study HERE.

     Now with nearly one hundred thousand bumpers installed and pulled through bore holes; we've yet to hear of a single bumper failure.  Yet to hear of a single bumper that disappeared during transit (the bumpers on the leading edge of the bundle always show up on the other end of the bore).   We've got a proven product, using our specially formulated bumper material --- and our proven system for making certain the bumper stays in place.  Many other folks have used this product successfully; so you can be confident you aren't taking any chances at all.

     So what comes in the system? See below:

rubber pipe bumper
Our specially formulated bumper material.  We are also working on new shapes to offer some advantages in the field.  Hopefully those evaluations will be completed in the months to come!

epoxy bonding agent
The epoxy bonding agent that gives fantastic shear and peel resistance to the bumper holding system.

The main component that holds the bumper in place with nowhere to go.  Tens of thousands installed with no reported failures.

pipe Rubber
Finally, the leading edge strip.  Probably not needed in all honesty, but this, installed on the leading edge of the system gives even more protection against some kind of peel back.

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