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Friday, February 9, 2024

FBE Pinholes


Repairing Pinholes in your FBE Coating



For the most technically sound repairs on FBE, please consider using our Powercrete R65 Repair Cartridges.

Powercrete R65 Repair Cartridges

                A pinhole occurs when moisture, air or other fluids get trapped into the coating. This is very common with all epoxies.   It is important for these pinholes to be repaired correctly as they will cause you many issues down the road.  Luckily there is a quick and efficient way to rid yourself of these problems. 

                3M Scotchkote repair sticks are your answer.  These are specifically designed to cover holidays up to 2mm in diameter.  A few benefits you get with these repair sticks: easy to install, they are flexible, no potlife/expiration and are very quick to set so you can move along to the next assignment. 

A brief overview of installation:

  1. You will scuff up the area with sand paper.
  2. Preheat your pinehole and the surrounding area.
  3. While still applying heat to the surrounding areas, slowly drag your repair stick across the pinhole.  With the correct amount of preheat and minor heat from your torch, these will start to melt. 
  4. Continue until the patch is covered and smooth.  You will need to apply until you have a greater thickness than your original FBE coating. 
  5. Allow a few minutes to cool while you are onto your next pinhole! 
                FBE repair sticks are designed with small pinholes and abrasions in mind.  Anything larger, we recommend seeking other products such as epoxies and shrink sleeves for the rehabilitation.  These FBE repair sticks are offered in a 5# box that contains around 90 to 100 sticks.  We keep these stocked on the shelf here at JSI and can get them shipped out the same day.

Please reach out to JSI for guidance on your FBE repair needs!    

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