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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Powercrete J is the Preferred Field Joint Coating for Powercrete DD

Using Powercrete J with Powercrete DD

Powercrete J

        Powercrete DD is the original ARO (abrasion resistant overlay) coating used to protect the fusion bonded epoxy coated pipe during directional drills and road bores. It can also be used as a direct to metal coating. As time went by, users fell in love with Powercrete DD. In turn, it was decided to produce a field joint coating to be used alongside Powercrete DD. 
        Using the same special formula, Powercrete J became the premier field joint coating to use with Powercrete DD coatings. Designed specifically for the harsh conditions of directional drilling, road bores and pull throughs. Powercrete J has a proven track record of being one of the toughest field joint coating epoxies on the market. Thoroughly tested, Powercrete J excels in the categories of abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and shore D hardness. 
        Powercrete J is hand applied and offered in 2#, 4# and 10# kits.  We keep a large inventory to allow us to get it into our customers hands as fast as possible.  It is the only choice for your Powercrete DD girth welds and can be used for larger rehabilitation projects on your DD as well. Please contact us with any questions! 936/321-3333

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