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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Powercrete Training? Covalence Training? Raychem Training? Bumper Training?

 Does JSI Offer Product Training?

     Short answer:  ABSOLUTELY!  No one wants the products you're installing to be installed properly more than we do!  Our entire business is built upon the idea that we are selling products that are relatively simple to install --- and those product do exactly what we say they will do and all those product perform exactly as the data sheets predict that they will.

     Keep in mind, sometimes we do need some notice and some planning in order to have a trainer on site as needed.  Last minute airplane tickets are expensive!  Also keep in mind:  there are some situations where circumstances can require us to charge for that training.  We do try to offer training as a service every time that we can.  

    Our trainers have many years of experience around these products and around the pipeline industry, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands ---- and your crews will know the right way to do things.  

    So give us a call today - we're happy to get you on the calendar.  

Products that we offer training on:
  • Powercrete J
  • Powercrete R65/F1
  • Powercrete R95
  • Powercrete R65/F1 50ml Repair Cartridges
  • Powercrete R65/F1 400ml Spray Cartridges
  • BBS - bumpers for bundled road bores / multi pipe pullbacks 8" Pipe and greater
  • BBS/CCS -  bumpers for bundled road bores / multi pipe pullbacks <8" Pipe
  • WPCT
  • TPS
  • WPC100M
  • WPC120
  • HTLP60
  • HTLP80
  • Caseal
  • Flangeseal
  • Flexclad
  • WCSM
  • S1301M
  • and much more!
Reach out today:    936/321-3333

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