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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Powercrete R65/F1 50ml Repair Cartridges

 How to Repair Damage to Epoxy Pipe Coatings

     It is a simple fact of life:  things get damaged.  ESPECIALLY things that are moved with heavy machinery.  Pipe coatings are damaged regularly and when that happens, an effective means of making a quick, but technically sound, repair in the field is needed.  That is where Powercrete R65/F1 50ml Repair Cartridges come in.  They rebuild that damaged area into a coating that is just as effective as the original coating was coming off the production line.  Here is how they work:

R65 dispenser gun
Powercrete R65/F1 50ml Repair cartridges are generally sold by the case.  That case includes:  25 of the 50ml repair cartridges, 1 dispenser gun and 50 of the static mixing tips.  In this photo, you can see dispenser gun assembled and the cartridge loaded up, ready to go.

damaged epoxy coating
Here is an example of a gouge on an epoxy pipeline coating.  This one was intentionally made with a screwdriver, but often times pipe can be damaged as it is moved, as it is transported, or as it is being worked on.  This could even include weld spatter.

surface prep R65 epoxy
The first step to repairing that pipeline and using the Powercrete R65 repair cartridge is to clean the area around the damaged area.  We need proper surface preparation to give the repair epoxy an anchor pattern to bond to.  Here we can see that the sand paper was able to do that.  We will also wipe away all dust, dirt and grease using a suitable rag and solvent cleaner.

F1 50ml repair
When you begin dispensing the material, the first "bit" is set to the side.  This is to be certain that the epoxy is properly mixing, and that the ratio of the epoxy is suitable.  

fixing pipe damage.
From there, using a stir stick or a brush or an applicator pad, the freshly mixed epoxy is applied to the damaged area of the pipe.  The installer will full fill any and all gouges, scratches, etc in order to re-create a homogenous epoxy coating. 

repaired FBE
The material cures VERY quickly.  Based on the ambient temperatures the day this repair was completed, the repair F1 was tacky within minutes and fully cured shortly after.

Here is a short and brief video showing these same steps.

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