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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

S-1137 Perp Filler

 S1137 Perp Filler 3x50x3000

Perp Filler
S-1137 Perp Mastic Filler

    S-1137 Perp Filler is a mastic filler material that is often used in conjunction with PERP (Poly Ethylene Repair Patch) in order to repair damage to PE pipe coatings.  It can be used for other things as well:  filling irregular pipe surface, adding depth to a step down area to be certain there is no void left under a coating, etc etc.

     Most commonly sold in dimensions that are 2" wide, 1/8" thick and 10 feet long - S1137 can be used in pretty much any situation that requires a mastic filler material. . With a typical softening point if 150C, Perp Filler can really do an awful lot.  

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