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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Canusa K-60 / Covalence WPCT

 Canusa K60 / Covalence WPCT 

Canusa K60
Canusa K60 Shrink Sleeves

     Dating back a few years, the folks over at Canusa created one of the only new heat shrinkable products to be created in many years.  Canusa's K60 was essentially (this is my opinion) an attempt to make a lower cost, technically acceptable product.  In this case, to keep costs low, they utilized a thinner backing material.  Generally speaking, I think it was reasonably successful.

     The K60 pitch on the data sheet is this: 'designed for protection of buried and exposed pipelines operating at up to 60C.  K60 consists of a crosslinked polyolefin backing, coating with a technologically advanced corrosion protective adhesive, which effectively bonds to the steel substrate and common pipeline coatings including PE and FBE.  

     They go on to list these key features:
  • sold as a one piece sleeve (in the Covalence world that is called a /UNI sleeve)
  • supplied with either yellow or black backing (your choice)
  • excellent cathodic disbondment results
  • offers durable protection against abrasion and chemical attack
  • lower preheat requirements
  • available as bulk rolls as an option
     In the Covalence / Raychem world; our equivalent product is WPCT - rated for use at 140F.  WPCT utilizes a highly aggressive butyl mastic.  WPCT brings excellent adhesion, CD, peel, shear, etc.  

     I expect both are very good products.  My preference is probably the WPCT and the feature that brings it over the top for me is the thermal indicator (see an example of that HERE)

If you'd like to have a conversation about WPCT, K60 or any other pipeline coatings; please reach out -    936/321-3333

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