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Thursday, April 4, 2024

WPC100M In Stock!

 Covalence WPC100M - In Stock!

Raychem WPC100M
Covalence WPC100M is the mastic shrink sleeve with the highest temperature rating

     WPC100M was invented back when Raychem was the name of the manufacturing company.  Using a high temp butyl mastic sealant and an irradiated polyolefin backing, WPC100M very quickly became the coating of choice for a number of higher temperature pipeline applications.  

    Rated for use on pipelines operating at up to 176F when the sleeve will see direct contact with soil or the ocean floor, WPC100M has the added feature that in cases where a pipeline is insulated or concrete coated; the sleeve is rated for use at up to 212F.  

     Beyond all of that, WPC100M was an ideal offshore field joint coating is it required only wire brushed surface preparation (the butyl mastic is very aggressive).  This allowed for VERY fast installations and offshore; time is money.

     Available in widths of 11", 17", 24" and 34" --- WPC100M can also be available in custom widths (less than 34").  

     We do stock WPC100M in our warehouse and can have sleeves ready to ship within hours.  As of this moment, I have several thousand feet of WPC100M ready to go at a moments notice!  Reach out for more information:  936/321-3333

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