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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Raychem WPC60

 Covalence WPC60

    Warning:  Product History in this post!

     If you've found this page, you've undoubtedly got an RFQ in front of you that uses a spec that was written a very long time ago!  Up until somewhere around 2015, Covalence/Raychem made a product that was printed:  WPC60/HTLP60.  Essentially the same sleeve material could be used two different ways; and depending on how you used it; it could be called WPC60 or HTLP60.

     If you were using a two part epoxy as your primary corrosion coating (and your HTLP60 sleeve to offer physical protection to that epoxy) then the product was called HTLP.  

    If, on the other hand, you were installing the sleeve directly onto the pipe WITHOUT utilizing the two part epoxy bonding agent, then the product was called WPC60.  

     Eventually a single component of the hot melt adhesive for that product was no longer available; so it was determined that the plant would no longer offer WPC60 as a coating option.  So at that time WPC60 was phased out.   

     Since then, a new product similar to the original WPC60 was created - that product is called HTLP60-DCS.  It can be installed directly on the pipe with no bonding agent.  So if you're looking for WPC60 --- perhaps you should look at HTLP60-DCS (or give me a call!)

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