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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why Not Use DIRAX Shrink Sleeves for Every Field Joint?

As has been mentioned before when I addressed the common question:  What is the toughest shrink sleeve?

DIRAX is without a doubt the toughest shrink sleeve on the market.  It uses our S1301M primer to act as the bonding agent between the steel (and FBE) and the DIRAX shrink sleeve.  This S1301M epoxy also acts as the primary corrosion coating.  During the bore (and after) the DIRAX sleeve and leader strip offer unparalleled physical protection to that epoxy in the form of high shear hot melt adhesive layers; PE layers and fiber mesh layers.  All in all; that epoxy is PROTECTED.  Nothing is getting in there. 

ROCS Shrink Sleeve
Here we see a DIRAX (ROCS) shrink sleeve being installed on a TLPE coated pipeline.

I've seen it time and time again (DIRAX has a long use history that is unmatched by anything else in the industry). 2" pipe:  no problem.  4" pipe:  no problem (backward and forward and oh, by the way, the cold applied tape disappeared somewhere down in the hole as seen in this DIRAX case study).

So, why not USE DIRAX on every single joint; rather than just the road bore sections of your pipe?  Well, the truth is, it just isn't necessary in my opinion.  If a customer insisted on the best field joint coating, regardless of the cost, I would gladly offer them DIRAX (though without the leader strip, it is called the ROCS shrink sleeve).

But in this practical world in which we live, products like WPCT, WPC100M, HTLP60 and TPS (just to name a few) are all VERY good at doing exactly what they are supposed to do...sealing that field joint and preventing any water or air from getting to the bare steel.  

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