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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thermofit Tubular Pipe Sleeves (TPS) Installation Guide

Thermofit Tubular Pipe Sleeve (TPS) with Thermal Indicator Installation Guide

Materials and equipment:
1.Appropriate size TPS sleeve
2. Hose and Raychem torch (or equivalent)
3. Propane gas tank, regulator and gauge
4. Standard safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, hard hat, etc.

*Installation has to be done according to local government regulations and usual safety precautions.

Installation Instructions:

1. Before making the weld, slide the TPS over the pipe end, about 12 inches (300 mm) from the weld area. Note: Subsequent removal of the release film from the TPS sleeve on the pipe is easier if the release film has been loosened before the sleeve is placed on the pipe.

2. Clean the weld area with a hand or power wire brush to remove rust, dirt, weld splatter,and foreign materials.*Also, clean adjacent pipe coating that will be covered by the sleeve.
*Note: Coal tar - remove the outer paper wrap 6inches (150 mm) adjacent to the cutback to expose coal tar.Painted coatings - remove the whitewash paint on the surface of coating to be covered by the sleeve.

3. Preheat the joint until hot to the hand approximately 140°F (60°C) minimum.

4. Remove the inner protective release film of the sleeve. Center the sleeve over the preheated joint, allowing a 2-inch (50 mm)overlap on the mill coating.
Note: Adjust the flame to approximately 20 inches(500 mm), 6 psi regulator setting. The desired flame should be approximately 1/3 blue cone and 2/3 visible yellow.

5.Heat the sleeve, beginning in the center. Start at the bottom and move upward on both sides. Work to one end, then to the other as shrinkage occurs. Keep the torch moving and apply heat evenly around the sleeve until the pattern on the backing has disappeared and the backing has a smooth surface. During shrinkdown occasionally check mastic flow with gloved finger. Wrinkles should disappear automatically.

6.The sleeve is fully recovered when all of the following have occurred:
  • There are no cold spots on the sleeve surface.
  • The weld-bead profile is visible on the sleeve.
  • After the sleeve is cool, mastic flow is evident on both edges.
  • The pattern on the backing has disappeared and the backing has a smooth surface.

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